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Serenity in a Show...

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 ~ 15 Minutes of Calm ~

That’s what The Flowers of Wyndencleh offers you... 15 minutes of a serene, unhurried view of flowers and scenes from Wyndencleh Farm in Nova Scotia.

With a soundtrack that’s soothing without being sappy, and over a hundred flower and nature scenes, this relaxing show brings the essence of rural Nova Scotia to you— no matter where you happen to be.  

The Flowers of Wyndencleh: A serene DVD Slide Show

Whether you’d like a serene way to start your day, to end your day, or to treat yourself to a different kind of coffee break, spending 15 minutes with the colors, symmetry, and perfection of nature will refresh you and give you a new perspective. 

This DVD slide show is playable on North American DVD players and on most computers equipped with a DVD drive. 

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