Click the puppy pic below to watch the demo!

DVD Tribute Demo

DVDs for your Triumphs, Tributes, and Treasured Memories

Moving Picture Tribute Demonstration

A complete moving picture tribute contains a lot of information. Because I don't want to make you wait too long to see the demo, I've made the demo window small and reduced the picture and sound quality. You can be sure, however, that the DVD version of any moving picture tribute will have the high quality sound and video that you’ll need for a great show on your big screen TV!

The following tiny (approximately 30 second) demo will give you an idea of what a moving picture tribute can look like. It’s in Flash format, so simply click on the puppy to watch!


If you liked the tiny version, then you’ll really enjoy the following longer (3 minute) version! It may take a little longer to start, but  it’s worth it.

Enjoy the show, and why not consider a moving picture tribute for your pet?


Want to see what other people ask about moving picture tributes? Or contact me if you have any questions.